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Pixel Powers - Corruption Expansion (Solo)

Pixel Powers - Corruption Expansion (Solo)

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Revisit familiar mechanics with new pumped up abilities leading to an extremely challenging solo experience. 

Play with new 'Attribute' and 'Tool' cards that will change the way you complete your dungeon runs! 

In order to play the "Corruption" expansion, you need at least one copy of the Pixel Powers base game. 


This 24 card pack is designed to enhance the solo experience provided in the base game to new extreme heights! 


Card List:

7 new dungeons of varying difficulty each with a unique Boss Slime depicted on the back

4 player attribute cards that give one time game altering bonuses

4 player tool cards that give recurring powerful effects 

6 new unique slimes designed for solo challenges

3 more alternate and/or second form Boss Slime cards



See Deck list above


Industry Standard Smooth Cardstock


Length: 3.43 Inches

Width: 2.2 Inches

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