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Pixel Powers - Base Game

Pixel Powers - Base Game

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A fast paced deck building strategic challenge for 1-2 players. 

Play versus. Play together. Play alone. 

Four different modes, each with their own unique twist on the core gameplay mechanics. 


Construct a 24 card deck and then challenge a friend to a versus battle or play alone against any of the 3 provided Solo dungeon challenges and face a Boss Slime. 

Card List: (75 cards)

Contains at least one of EVERY card in the base set. This is a complete set of cards! - Pixel Powers does not deliver "booster packs".

The cards contained in every set of Pixel Powers are specifically designed to give the player the ability to immediately build major meta defining decks so that they can be competitive right off the bat in versus and constructed modes, as well as enjoying a balanced draft mode when challenging themselves in the solo mode. 

Slime Pack ->

Green Slime X 2 Yellow Slime X 2 Red Slime X 2 Blue Slime X 2 Purple Slime X 2 Orange Slime X2 Dark Green Slime X2 Gray Slime X2 Big Red Slime X2 Big Yellow Slime X2 Brown Slime X2

Hero Pack ->

Scientist X1 Pixie X1 Priestess X1 Psychic X1

Item Pack ->

Ancient Tablet X1 Sword X2 Potion X2 Perch X3 Shovel X3

Pillar Pack ->

Red Pillar X1 Yellow Pillar X1 Blue Pillar X1

Resource Pack ->

Vial of Yellow Slime X1 Vial of Blue Slime X1 Vial of Red Slime X1 Bucket of Yellow Slime X2 Bucket of Blue Slime X2 Bucket of Red Slime X2 Vat of Yellow Slime X2 Vat of Blue SlimeX2 Vat of Red Slime X2

Magic Pack ->

Sight X2 Quake X1 Portal X2 Flight X2 Recycle X1

Base Pack ->

Tower X1 Purple Factory X1 Green Factory X1 Orange Factory X1 Wall X1

Dungeon Pack ->

3 dungeons with unique Boss slimes  depicted on the back 

3 unique slimes for use with the dungeon challenges

Instructions ->

1 card reserved for a short reminder on how to play



See Deck list above


Industry Standard Smooth Cardstock


Length: 3.43 Inches

Width: 2.2 Inches

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Love this, very fast past which is fun while keeping conplexity levels high.