About Us

  • Passion

    We are passionate about card games and feel our anti-booster pack take on the TCG industry should be welcomed!

  • Ottawa Ontario Canada

    We are located in Ottawa - the Capital city of Canada

  • Personal Life

    I am a software developer during the day and in my free time I organize and participate in downhill longboarding events

  • NO Gimmicks

    Our games are about strategy and playing with friends, not about shiny packages and holographic collectibles

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  • NO Power Creep

    TCG games are too often destroyed by constantly printing more powerful cards

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  • Value

    Upfront card lists allow you to get the best bang for your buck! No more guessing whats behind the package

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  • Fun

    Ultimately card games should be fun whether you win or lose!

  • Single & Multiplayer

    Games should come with single and multiplayer options

  • Strategy

    Games should have enough depth for avid strategists to get lost

    Games should have diverse and healthy metagames

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  • Balance

    Games should have many viable strategies towards victory

  • NO Booster Packs

    Cards games should come with upfront card lists - NO more gambling

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  • Easy

    Games should have intuitive instructions without large manuals

What We Make